Paper Cups

We do not sell take-away coffee in order to reduce what is going into land fill. We do however
- offer for sale (at lower than normal prices) KeepCups
- offer 50c off for any person who uses their own cup either in a takeaway situation or while sitting in the cafe area.

We seriously seriously try to keep our plastic usage to an absolute minimum. Anyone who has seen footage on the removal of plastic debris from the stomach of birds will understand why. To this end, 

  • we sell string bags at cost price rather than use plastic bags
  • all our breads are wrapped in tissue paper
  • our disposable gloves are latex - a natural material made out of rubber).In eco language this means that they are highly biodegradable, comostable (easilly disintegrating when exposed to sunlight and water) and will also incinerate easily. 
  • obins are lined with an amazing product  invented in Norway. In essence, the 'plastic' is produced from 98% waste corn and 2% cardoom, a common weed. The product is fully biodegradable and compostable. The biodegradability of BioBags products has been demonstrated under liquid conditions and at room temperature. This is important evidence that the material is biodegradable in water and sea environments. Further laboratory studies are underway. Their site is here.

Origin Electricity, 100% renewable
Origin Gas. Gas is used for a small oven and the hot water system.


Hearth Breads uses a wood oven.

  • In appreciation for the wood, we  support Trees for Life.
  • Late August 2017, Bren Lay introduced himself and offered to supply the Hearth Breads Bakery with wood sourced from renewable and sustainable sources. We are honoured to have been chosen by him. Bren has been working on a native revegetation project in the eastern Mount Lofty ranges since 1976.  His story of re-vegetating this plot of arid and worn out land with native species is an inspiring one and can be read here
  • Further information on the wood oven - The large amount of insulation and mass built into the oven enables one to use slightly less than one narrow wheelbarrow of wood per daily firing. And, this firing will maintain the necessary high oven temperatures for at least 3-5 loadings.

Waste -  We try to keep as much as possible out of landfill - fully utilising the Recycling and Green Waste bins. Antd, we have recently started using Bio Bags - made by a South Australian company Isee above). 

Water -  Mains water is only used for washing up and cleaning. Spring water from Adelaide Hills is used for production of breads and other menu items. Spring water is also offered to customers in the eating area. For coffees and teas, fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals are filtered out of mains water.

Cleaning Products - The sanitiser used is made from natural ingredients and there is a minimum usage of chemical products, with those used chosen to be environmentally friendly. Detergents and cleaners have been chosen to be environmentally friendly.