Paper Cups

We do not sell take-away coffee in order to reduce what is going into land fill.

Instead, please bring in your own cups/mugs/container. 50c will be taken off the price of each coffee sold in this way.

In the new year 2017 Hearth Breads will also sell KeepCups.

Origin, 100% renewable
Small oven and hot water system are gas.

Hearth Breads uses a wood oven. In appreciation for the wood, we have started to support Trees for Life.

Further information on the wood oven - The large amount of insulation and mass built into the oven enables one to use slightly less than one narrow wheelbarrow of wood per daily firing. And, this firing will maintain the necessary high oven temperatures for at least 3-5 loadings.

Waste -  We try to keep as much as possible out of landfill - fully utilising the Recycling and Green Waste bins. Antd, we have recently started using Bio Bags - made by a South Australian company. Bio Bags (available online) comprises 98% waste corn and 2% cardoon (a weed). The starch is treated so that it becomes 'plasticised'.  More information can be found on their website.

Water -  Mains water is only used for washing up and cleaning. Spring water from Adelaide Hills is used for production of breads and other menu items. Spring water is also offered to customers in the eating area. For coffees and teas, fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals are filtered out.

Cleaning Products - The sanitiser used is made from natural ingredients and there is a minimum usage of chemical products, with those used chosen to be environmentally friendly.