Our Goal

Naturally, our goal is to produce good bread.

The starting point lies in the ingredients used -  organic flours and grains,  spring water from the Adelaide Hills, Himalayan pink salt. The starter culture, made only from flour and water, must necessarily also have in abundance Blackwood micro-organisms (wild yeasts and bacteria). 

Attention is then paid to using long fermentation techniques to bring forth flavours,  aromas, and the  health giving properties of sourdough breads. As pointed out by Frédéric Pichard, “bread is nothing but fermentation.”

Finally, we have found that the mere fact of baking in a wood oven enhances moisture, crumb, and flavour of the breads.

Cafe Space

There is a small cafe space at the front of the bakery which seats around 15 people. Available is organic coffee,  tea, and orange juice and a number of healthy snacks. 

A simple breakfast is  offered every day - with the primary breakfast being poached eggs, avocado, and organic greens on Spelt and Wheat sourdough. We always try to use the best eggs, e.g., Earth Eggs from Keith, SA. Bookings are really appreciated.