18 Oct 2017 - As of Friday 29 Sep 2017, the 100 day countdown started for the installation of Elon Musk's battery system in South Australia. Unbelievably exciting to see such powerful figures trending towards a good. This does not exclude the role Jay Weatherill played. Interesting also to note that Mr Musk said that Australia could be powered by 1,890 square kilometres of solar panels — roughly a tenth the area of Sydney — backed up by seven square kilometres of batteries.

"It's not just talk. It's reality," he said.

1 Oct 2017 - One country has passed legislation to completely ban plastic bags - Kenya. Story here

17 Sep 2017 - Microfibre pollution, fibres too small to be filtered out by our treatment plants etc. A huge source of microfibre pollution comes from any clothing made from synthetics (polyster, nylon, etc.) - every time that article is laundered, some of these fibres are washed out into our and eventually the water sources of many living creatures. 

5 Sep 2017 - We are now sourcing much of our wood from Brendan Lay, who has, since 1976,  been working on a re-vegetation project in the eastern Mount Lofty ranges. His story of re-vegetating a plot of arid and worn out land with native species is an inspiring one and can be read here

16 Aug 2017 - South Australia's new thermal solar plant, to be ready by 2020 and able to provide for 5% of SA's energy needs.  A brief overview.

30 July 2017 - A short article on the giant battery that Elon Musk is building for South Australia. Here.

31 July 2017 - An article reporting on a relationship between use of glyphosate and autism spectrum disorder increase. Here. In a related fashion - a study which suggests that eating organic foods (glyphosate is not allowed) reduces autistic symptoms. Here.

22 Nov 2016 - Tesla have plans for 2017 that include solar roofs that cost less than a normal (new) roof to install - and that is before any electricity savings. Amazing, remarkable.

22 Nov 2016 - This is interesting - the birth of an island.

1 Nov 2016 - Keeping your computer for as long as possible before renewing. This article suggests that the ideal scenario for optimising your computer usage is to work on battery, maintaining a charge between 40-70%.

14 Jan 2016 - Wind power supplied 97% of electricity needs of Scottish households in 2015 Scotland is aiming for 100% renewable energy by 2020.

30 Sep 2015 - The world's first grid-connected wave power station has been activated in Western Australia. A day to be proud to be Australian. Article here

2-12-2015 - Solar Energy - Elton Musk says that a tiny corner of Nevada or Utah could provide enough power for the entire USA or a small section of Spain sufficient to power Europe.

25-11-2015 - This article provides statistical evidence of the tremendous surge clean energy is taking in developing countries.

27-10-2015 - Morocco, population 34 million, currently sources 94% of its energy needs by importing fossil fuels. Morocco, however, plans to invest huge amounts into solar energy, with prediction  that by 2020, a mere 5 years away, 50% of its energy needs will be met by renewable sources. What is truly amazing and thought provoking is the SPEED with which a country can transform it energy profile. Certainly thought provoking for those still investing and focused by fossil fuel energy. Article can he found here.

24 Oct 2015 - Germany. Here is a story about Germany and how it is leading the world in its target of full conversion to renewable energy.

 This story is interesting for another reason. The article commences with a description of a sustainability centre, constructed as a bunker by Germany during WWI (it is huge). As a side issue the article mentions how British bombers managed to kill over 34,000 people in Hamburg during their first bombing raid using aluminium strips to foil Germany's radar. The article then goes on to suggest how wonderful it is that this symbol of Germany's shame, the bunker, is now being put to such a mighty purpose. And so it is. 

But Britain's shame relating to the same bombing episode should never be forgotten. Never before in the history of man had any nation agreed to the mass slaughter of such a large number of innocent people.  Britain was the first nation to coldheartedly agree to bomb masses of innocent people, and not just military targets. The man behind this? Commander Harris. A man renowned for his hatred of the lower class people. This hatred evidenced itself in the bombing raid over Hamburg. One side of the town held military targets and few people. The other side held large numbers of lower class living areas. It was the lower class living areas that were bombed.

Commander Harris had the ear of Winston Churchill. However, it is notable that only one man protested. Parson.

The name of Commander ... should never be forgotten.

20 Oct 2015 - An article which discusses the dangers of chemical fertilisers and the growing support for methods which reduce the need of these synthetic props.

1 Oct 2015 - Transport for London is exploring ways to make its public transport system more efficient. Utilising the science of regenerative braking (technology which utilises the energy usually wasted as heat during braking) on a trial with one of London's train substations, the system was able to save an  amount of energy in one day that would be equivalent to powering 104 homes for a year.

18 Sep 2015 – France and Russia ban GMOs

14 Sep 2015 – California confirms Roundup will be labelled "cancer causing". 

2 Sept 2015 – Greece, Latvia, Scotland, and Germany now ban Monsanto's GMOs 


7 May 2015 - SOLAR ENERGY BATTERIES FOLLOW UP - What has been the response to the disclosure of Tesla's new storage batteries?

7 May 2015 - FOREST REPLANTING Pakistani province to plant 1 billion trees.

4 May 2015 - SOLAR ENERGY BATTERIES - Elon Musk introduces an affordable elegant battery that can be attached to a wall for storing solar power (around $3000). 10 year warranties. For a you tube showing Elton Musk introducing his batteries.