Wed 3 May 2017 - The story of a man who spent 36 years of his life to carve a waterway into a mountain to bring water to his drought stricken village. Here.



22 Nov 2016 - This type of story was a major boost for me in the rejection of all types of plastic. We are very happy to announce that soon the bakery will be shifting from standard degradable plastic bags (which are only used when our paper bags run out) used for rubbish to that produced by South Australia's BioBags

  • The ‘plastic’ is composed of 98% corn starch - waste corn from farmers across Northern Italy . The internal part of the kernel is converted to a polymer (plastic in the true sense of the word, meaning malleability) by submitting to intense heat and pressure. 
  • The remaining 2% is from a plant called cardoon - directly related to scotch thistle. Seed heads are taken from the flower and crushed to an oil. You always need a vegetable oil to make the starch flow. Cardoon oil is used rather than palm oil. Four farmers growing currently cardoon for BioBags on Sardinia.
  • Animals can digest this in their gut as the breakdown method is enzymes - e.g., in the gut.
  • Their website location.

23 Dec 2015 - Using tiny video cameras attached to wild New Caledonian crows, scientists have been observing the crows making tiny hooked tools to hunt for their insect prey.

2-Jan-2016 - A video showing an orangutan putting together a hammock in her cell.

23 Oct 2015 - Further evidence of the intelligence of whales. The article also points out that  free killer whales live four times longer than those that are kept captive. (Links provided for  how scientists estimate the age of these whales. )

5 Oct 2015 - Humans are more deadly to wildlife than a nuclear disaster,according to new research which has found animal populations in the Chernobyl exclusion zone have unexpectedly soared 30 years after the world's worst nuclear accident.

8 July 2009 - Watching Whales Watching Us by Charles Siebert. 

... "The baby grey glided up to the boat's edge and then the whole of his long, hornbill-shaped head was rising up out of the water directly beside me; a huge ovoid eye opening to take me in. I'd never felt so beheld in all my life. " ...