Last edited 30 January 2018


The Flours and Grains and Seeds - All the flours, seeds, and grains used in the bakery are biodynamic or organic. The bakers are also keenly aware of the nutritional and flavour value of fresh milled flour and stoneground flours and all our breads feature varying degrees of these. In particular, the Rugbrød is entirely made from spelt and rye flours which have been fresh milled in the bakery just prior to making the dough.

Salt - Himalayan Salt used for all baking and cooking purposes.

Water - Spring water from the Adelaide Hills is sed for all cooking and baking purposes and for table water. The water used in our coffee machine has two filters added for chlorine and fluoride.

Dairy Products - Our buttermilk, milk, and butter come from B.-d. Farms Paris Creek (biodynamic). The cheeses however are conventional.

Honey - unpasteurised

Fruits and Vegetables and other ingredients - Approx. 70% of the remaining ingredients used in our products have either an organic or sustainable source.


A listing of the breads baked daily and regularly can  be found at The Daily Bake page.

Some photographs of some of our products below.