We try and use the healthiest ingredients possible in all our products:

  • Organic, biodynamic, or sustainably grown flours.grains, and seeds
  • Adelaide Hills spring water for all cooking and drinking purposes; flouride and chlorine filters on the coffee machine.
  • Himalayan Salt, with its increased mineral content
  • Biodynamic dairy products (Paris Creek)
  • Approximately 75% of other foods we buy for use in the bakery are also organic.


Our bake can be divided into

  • What is baked daily (Section 1)
  • Additions to the Daily Bake (Section 21
  • Baked on Specific  Days (Section 3)

__________Section 1 - Baked daily__________

- Spelt and Wheat Sourdough - $6 (organic)
- Five Grain Levain - $6.90 (organic)
- Sourdough Fruit Loaf - $6.50 (organic)
- Black Rice & Black Sesame Sourdough - $7.20 (organic)
- Sourdough Potato Baps (except Thursday)

- Sourdough Cinnamon Walnut Scrolls - $3.50 (75% organic)
- Sourdough Fruit Buns - $2.30 (organic)
 - Piroshki with roasted potato, onion, and cheese - $3.80 (ingredients
        from cheese and olive oil, ingredients are organic or chemical free)

- Herbs & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Focaccia - $5.00 (olive oil not organic)

__________Section 2 - Additions to Daily Bake__________

For Saturday 18 August 2018

- Sourdough - Walnut Date Banana
- Sourdough - Kalamata Olive, Rosemary, Lemon
- Sourdough - Mixed Cheese & Wholegrain Mustard
- Sourdough - Chocolate & Currant
- Sourdough - Organic Rugbrød
- Sourdough - Ethiopian Back Bread
- Sourdough - Activated Charcoal (organic)

- Focaccia - Roasted Capsicum & Marinated Feta

- Vegan and Wheat Free Date Brownies (less than 1 tsp maple syrup per brownie) 
- Burnt Basque Cheesecake
- Choc Chip Cookies
- Spanakopita
- Potato Baps

__________Section 3 - Regular Appearances__________

- Organic Rugbrød Wed through to Fri. $7.80
- Organic Spelt Sourdough (wheat starter) - Wed, Sat, Sun, $8.50
- Gluten Free Nut & Seed Loaf - Wed, Sat - $11.50 (organic or chemical
       free apart from olive oil.


 BREAKFAST - 7-10am
Note: If we are too busy we will not be able to make breakfast. We will, however, endeavour to use this resort as little as possible.

  • Poached Earth eggs on sourdough - $13.00 (with chemical free salad greens and tomatoes) Focaccia can be requested. Delicious.
    • and avocado - $15.50
  • Scrambled eggs and tomato on sourdough - $14.80
  • Sourdough Toast & biodynamic butter & condiment (home made jams, or honey, or vegemite, or peanut butter) - $5.00

All the coffees, teas, spices, etc. and milk that go into making up our drinks are either organic or biodynamic. The water is filtered to remove chloride and fluoride, as well as other chemicals.

  • Coffee : All our coffees are organic and freshly roasted (from B3, Blackwood). They are also usually white or black label - which is the equivalent of single malt whiskies. The default is a double shot. $4.00 
  • Teas: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Rooibos - $4.00. Organic and authentic Chai $5.00
  • Hot Chocolate - we use freshly grated high quality chocolate and biodynamic milk to make our chocolate drinks - $5
  • Water Kefir - $8.00 a bottle, with $1 given on return of bottle. You can also have a kefir shot at $2.50.
 Write here...

Write here...


23 Nov 2017 - We have a new dough maker/baker, Lauren Evers,  sharing the job with Jack Roberts.. Lauren is a chef interested in learning how to make sourdough bread. We are very glad to have her here. 

14 November 2017 - Jack Roberts, our doughmaker, is starting up a biodynamic market garden at Oakbank (while still working for us part time). He was invited by B.-d. Farm Paris Creek to help prepare the horns for the biodynamic Prep 500. An amazing day. Not least his conversation with a dairy farmer who has a farm in conversion. The farmer believes that, already, he has saved approximately $1,000,000 in costs fort ONE YEAR (approx. 700 cows). The savings came from

  • $6000 in vet bills alone
  • Antibiotics
  • Shifting from grain to grass feed
  • drenching costs and related fees
  • no longer needing to give hormones to boost the herds' immune system. Last year it was the entire herb that needed the hormone, this year only three cows.

6 June 2017 - On the one hand, we made successful sourdough croissants using a/the wood oven - on the other hand we found that the bakery production area/equipment is not suited to the making of croissants and we will not make croissants a permanent feature of our range. 

Tue 9 May 2017 - Photographs of our first trial organic sourdough croissants. Made by Jack Roberts

Wed 15 Feb 2017 - We are going to alternate our coffee sources. In addition to our organic Segafreddo coffee, we shall also be purchasing freshly roasted organic beans from B3 - a newly opened coffee roasting shop in Blackwood. The beans will change on a regular basis.

Should I put my bread in the freezer?  You should not store bread in the refrigerator. Low temperatures speed up  the rate at which starch crystallises, causing a hardening effect. The exception to this rule is the rugbrød which stays supple as a result of all the pentosan (seed coat) gums it contains, and the fridge will keep it from getting moldy.

Opening Hours over the Xmas Holiday Period. We will close  Christmas Day and re-open Wednesday January 4. It has been an amazing year - not least due to witnessing of such a support for our breads. Thank you.

22 Nov 2016 - This type of story was a major boost for me in the rejection of all types of plastic. We are very happy to announce that soon the bakery will be shifting from standard degradable plastic bags (which are only used when our paper bags run out) used for rubbish to that produced by South Australia's BioBags

  • The ‘plastic’ is composed of 98% corn starch - waste corn from farmers across Northern Italy . The internal part of the kernel is converted to a polymer (plastic in the true sense of the word, meaning malleability) by submitting to intense heat and pressure. 
  • The remaining 2% is from a plant called cardoon - directly related to scotch thistle. Seed heads are taken from the flower and crushed to an oil. You always need a vegetable oil to make the starch flow. Cardoon oil is used rather than palm oil. Four farmers growing currently cardoon for BioBags on Sardinia.
  • Animals can digest this in their gut as the breakdown method is enzymes - e.g., in the gut.
  • Their website location.

Sat 1 Oct 2016 - Wood Oven Pizza - We shall not be doing pizza Friday lunch in the foreseeable future. Should this position change, it will be for a couple of months during high summer and on a Friday late afternoon/early evening. Outdoor seating.

7 July 2017. We are offering two types of pizza this Friday - olive tapenade (vegetarian) and parmesan, and the Pizza Margherita. 

July 5 2017. We have a new assistant baker - Jack Roberts - joining us from Windy Point Restaurant. 

13 May 2016. Trialled Friday lunch time sourdough pizza (Margherita). Will continue to offer this pizza on a Friday 12-00 - 2.30 pm (approx.)

1 May 2016 - A moth on the counter

25 April 2016 - trialling new production hours- The bakery will be closing at around 4pm this week as we are exploring production changes. I hope that this will only inconvenience a small number of people. 

20 April 2016 - From the Wild - have a beautiful range of vegan, gluten free tarts which we will be stocking. Shanti, the creator, tries to use organic ingredients where possible or the next best substitute.

14 Apr 2016 - Young Artist Anika Gardner - Anika is showing some of her 'for sale' works in the CafeSpace. One example is Stepping Stones. This work  conjures up the image of a young girl delicately stepping her way across a brook. Likely it has profounder meanings, but the image conjures delight.  (Price $150)
It is good to have Anika's work in the bakery. More on Anika can be found at .


4 Apr 2016 - Change of Prices - Costings have been done for each item on sale. The Spelt and Wheat has dropped to $5. Multigrain remains the same. The plain foccacia (i.e., that with Olive Oil and some herb) has dropped to $5. Etc.  The GF Nut and Seed Loaf will remain the same.



 The ingredients for Olive & Rosemary Sourdough   

The ingredients for Olive & Rosemary Sourdough