Photograph of Stephen Yafa and his wife. 

A Précis of

Grain of Truth by Stephen Yafa

Part 1 - 12 Jan 2016

Essentially, Stephen Yafa became bemused.

“I’m puzzled that something as fundamental as wheat. a food source we have consumed for at least 10,000 years, suddenly seems toxic.”  

He points to a huge surge in negative information surrounding wheat

“We’ve been poleaxed by doomsday messages that warn us away from all things glutenised - not subtly or with qualifications. William Davis in Wheat Belly asserts that “wheat has been destroying more brains in this country than all the strokes, car accidents, and head trauma, combined.” The “perfect poison” he calls it. “Eating wheat, like ice climbing, mountain boarding, and bungee jumping is an extreme sport.”

Was there a truth? Was the grain suddenly, inexplicably, toxic?  Yara says, that after a year of investigation (he is a journalist and travelled the world in quest of his answer),  he

“became convinced that it isn’t the grain, “it;s the way we grow and process it from seed to shelf that determines whether wheat supports or jeopardises our basic health needs. That includes the methods used by farmers to fertilise and protect their plants from pests and weeds in the field and by our nation’s (USA) large wheat-product manufacturers to transform the dried seeds into flour and then dough before baking. Nobody wants to hear that human intervention more than any other factor might be the source of the problem, if indeed there is one, with wheat, not when gluten free products are predicted to rack up more than $15 billion in sales by 2016. But that’s exactly the case. (And) We’ve done a masterful job of designing machinery that feeds us the worst of wheat while stripping off the best of it, the plant’s nutritious components, for animal feed.”

Nevertheless, despite all these possible reasons, an extraordinary fact emerged. If the bread is made using the ancient and traditional technique of fermenting the dough (sourdough bread)l, suddenly the bread became digestible. Bloating ceased. Weight dropped. Other symptoms such as energy loss etc. also ceased.  Yafa had inadvertently stumbled on to what became, in his words, a life changing writing project. 

“It propelled me to investigate and befriend a food source that nourishes, slims, energises, and tastes great: sourdough bread.

This is exciting. But even more interesting is the experimental data that is being gathered to support what has hitherto been anecdotal evidence.

PART 2 continues as soon as time allows.